Who Turned On The Lights


TLasvit have had some of the most exciting glass and light installations last year and that was made apparent by how busy they have been.

The Lasvit Gallery in Milan had work by great including Maarten Baas and Petra Krausova- who had the most absorbing work in my opinion.
Krausova’s Installation entitled Alice was intricate piece of design, which recreates a blooming flower.
Magnetic by Libor Sostak was another piece that had the room mesmerised.  Sostak used hand blown glass and hand cut crystal to create a wave motion going being dragged by a lower hanging glass.
(See full list on http://lasvit.com/milan-2014/milan-2014)

Although Lasvit kept a cool coloured show others went neon but alsmost everyone went drop! But Gregorio has new lighting inspired by juggling clubs were a highlight...