Stuffed Pig at the Fat Duck

I know, who goes to fat Duck and stares at the plates? But you see 14 courses; each one had a different plate. Some were plain, some colourful and some unconventional for the more unusual courses (e.g. Sounds of the sea). They all had simplicity about them. I guess to allow for all manner of food but I have always preferred this for my dining. Decorates the food, without distraction or making it look unappetising. It might be the get ready for the summer diet I am on which hs had me thinking about food A LOT.  It incorporates a lot of salad and fish, which can be off putting on an ugly plate, especially when all you want is a big slab of steak drizzled in… I digress. Take a look at some of my Fat Duck favourites and of course Key African homeware favourites!

My father is reached the landmark age of 60 years old last week and to celebrate we were treated to lunch at the Fat Duck (
14 courses of delicious food delivered in the most awe inspiring way. My extremely chatty family has never been so quiet! As I sat there for 4 hours of dining, cleaning each plate with my tongue what struck me was not only the party in my mouth, but also the plates themselves.